We’re Excited to vote Yes in our union election on Apr 3 and Apr 4th!

Harvard academic workers have been organizing to bargain collectively for increased pay to reflect cost of living, more job security,  improved benefits, and a contract. Now is the time to vote yes to certify our union, HAW-UAW. 

Since we started organizing, an overwhelming majority of workers in our schools have supported our union. Having a union ensures that we have a say in things like pay, health insurance, job security, access to work opportunities, and protections from harassment and discrimination. We’re working to certify our union so we can bargain with the Harvard administration as equals over issues that involve us.

When we have a democratic say, it helps us address our biggest concerns.  We’ve seen our power when we come together. With a collective voice, we can work to improve our workplace and ensure we can continue providing quality teaching and research. We’re voting yes.

Add your name if you are voting  #union yes  during HAW-UAW’s union elections.

Kenya Amano, Weatherhead Center for Int’l Affairs
Giridhar Anand, SEAS
Sam Arsenault, JHDSF
Kitty Ascrizzi, SEAS
Salma Abu Ayyash, SEAS
Erik Baker, History of Science
Brice Bakkali-Hassani, Physics
Jacob Barandes, Physics
Anissa Belfetmi-Stone, BCMP
Arvid Bell, Government
Aaron Bekemeyer, History
Laura Ben Driss, SCRB
Nicholas F. Bloom, History & Literature
Ozge Vargel Bolukbasi, SCRB
Chance Bonar, HDS
Andrew Bottoms, Linguistics
Adam Bremer-McCollum, HDS/CSWR
Tom Bryan, Economics
Jenifer de Carvalho Lopes, OEB
Theresa Cheng, Psychology
Hannah Cole, History & Literature
Richard Cozzens, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Philip Crowley, Physics
Patrick Cummins, South Asian Studies
Melissa Cundieff, English
Netra Darai, South Asian Studies
Maggie Deli, Expository Writing
Meryem Demir, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Thomas Dichter, History & Literature
Adel Djellouli, SEAS
Farhad Dokhani, English and History
Mojtaba Ebrahimian, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Randall J. Ellis, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Julia Espinosa, Human Evolutionary Biology
Ben Ewen-Campen, Genetics, Perrimon Lab
Oluchi Ezekwenna, MCB
Sara Feldman, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Leslie J. Fernandez, EMR
Jessie Finocchiaro, SEAS
Morgan Day Frank, History & Literature
Kara Fulton, Neurobiology
Benjamin Gammage, Mathematics
Shahinaz Geneid, CGIS
Morgan Gilman, BCMP
Greg Given, Expository Writing and HDS
Joe Glynias, Society of Fellows
Jaime Martinez Grundman, MCB
Hannah Grunwald, Genetics, Tabin and Harris Labs
Lisa Gulesserian, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Rachel L. Harris, OEB, FASPDA Co-President
Lilly Havstad, History & Literature
Conor Herlihy, Dept. Genetics, Wu Lab
Kristian J Herrera, MCB and SCRB
Matthew Heydeman, Physics
Bobby Hollingsworth, Cell Biology, HMS
Eliza Holmes, Expository Writing
Yi-Chieh Huang, CCB
Jodi Johnson, Expository Writing
Liz Jones, BCMP
Cade Kane, OEB
Naveena Karusala, SEAS
Rahel Kastli, SCRB
Jessica Katzenstein, Inequality in America Initiative
Adhy Kim, History & Literature
Jongkil Kim, BCMP
Sam Klug, Warren Center
Lila Teeters Knolle, History & Literature
Prashant Kocherlakota, Black Hole Initiative
Isabel Lane, Expository Writing
Giacomo Lanzani, Economics
Kathryn Ledbetter, Physics
Kristen LeGault, Microbiology
Mark Little, OEB
Yan Liu, SEAS
Koby Ljunggren, MCB
Devin Lloyd, Rowland Institute
Rose Long, Genetics
Rebecca Lossin, Warren Center
Laura Machlin, Psychology
Evan MacKay, Sociology
Angélica Márquez-Osuna, Weatherhead Center
Patrick Marshall, AFVS
Andrew Martens, Systems Biology
Gage Martin, Mathematics
Luiz Gustavo Pimenta Martins, Physics
Sara Matias, MCB
Shimi Meleppattu , BCMP
Amanda Merner, Center for Bioethics, HMS
Helen Meskhidze, Harvard College Observatory
Jenya Mironava, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Grant Moravec, Sociology
Krishna Muhundan, Life Sciences
Ryan Napier, Expository Writing
Amanda J.G. Napior, HDS Ministry Studies
Lood van Niekerk, Systems Biology
Simon F. Nørrelykke, Systems Biology
James Osei-Owusu, BCMP
Dmitrii Pastushenkov, Slavic Language & Literature
Zach Perez, CCB
Brian Pietras, Expository Writing
Xavier Portillo, Dept. Genetics, Church Lab
James Poteracki, Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology
Laura Quinton, History & Literature
Sohaib Abdul Rehman, MCB
Olivia Reilly, Human Evolutionary Biology
Mayron Pereira Picolo Ribeiro, Psychology
Paulino Siqueira Ribeiro, OEB
Jules Riegel, History & Literature
Chip Robinson, Germanic Languages and Literatures
Les Robinson, History of Science
Vera Rosen-Bernstein, AFVS
Nacho Sanguinetti-Scheck, OEB
Pradeep Sathyanarayana, BCMP
Monika Saxena, SCRB
Ian Shank, Expository Writing
Shachar Sherman, HSCRB
Kumar Siddharth, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Soma Singareddy, SCRB
Yan Slobodkin, History & Literature
William Stewart, Germanic Languages and Literatures
Rohini Subrahmanyam, MCB
Adam Sychla, Microbiology
Camille Testard, MCB
Craig Tichelkamp, HDS
Simon Torracinta, History of Science
Pipit Triani, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Elliott Turley, Expository Writing
Kelsey Tyssowski, OEB and MCB
James Vincent, BCMP
Rosemarie Wagner, Social Studies
Wei Wang, East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Anna Wang-Holtzen, Physics
Sanket Walujkar, MCB
Max Weinreich, Mathematics
Yufan Wu, BCMP
Bin Yang, East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Xiaohui Zhang, History of Science
Mande Zecca, Expository Writing
Aleksandr Zibrov, Physics